M.P.Ed. (Master Of Physical Education) (PU-CET P.G) 2021 Panjab University Entrance Exam With Answers

Practice Mode:

A team coach who benches a player for poor performance is using A. Aversive conditioning B. Modeling C. Negative reinforcement An effective teacher should: Induce the students to learn Increase pass percentage Help the students in preparing good notes Finish the course in time Who won the BBC Indian Sportswoman of the Year 2019? Saina Nehwal Sania Mirza Marry Kom P V Sindhu A. Back pain B. Scoliosis C. Lordosis D. Kyphosis A. B. C. D. 42. If A. B. C. D. Water Set Point Chemical Pressure training is too predictable athletes can become ____________?

A: Aversive conditioning
B: Modeling
C: Negative reinforcement
D: Punishment

The answer is: D