Latest 20th Feb 2023 Current Affairs News for Exam Prep

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India's most accessible app for disabled person

A: Facebook
B: Twitter
C: WhatsApp
D: Koo

The answer is: C


According to a report titled "Making the Digital Ecosystem Disabled Friendly," WhatsApp has been named the most accessible app for persons with disabilities in India. The report, which was released by the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, rates the accessibility of various digital platforms and apps for users with disabilities. WhatsApp received the highest score in the report due to its user-friendly interface, which is easy to navigate for persons with visual, auditory, or motor disabilities. The app's features, such as voice messaging and screen reader support, were also highlighted as contributing factors to its high accessibility rating. The report highlights the importance of digital accessibility and the need for digital platforms to cater to the needs of persons with disabilities. It is estimated that around 2.2% of India's population has a disability, which makes it essential for companies to ensure that their products and services are accessible to this group. The recognition of WhatsApp as India's most accessible app for persons with disabilities is a significant achievement and reflects the company's commitment to inclusivity. The report serves as a reminder to other companies to prioritize accessibility and to work towards making their digital products and services more accessible for all users, regardless of their ability.