Introduction To The Study Of Political Science/Politics


Political Science is a very old and an important subject and with the passage of time and situations, its meaning and subject matter has gone under tremendous change. According to traditional thinkers of Political Science, the study of the state and government has been central to the study of Political Science. whereas according to the modern thinkers, Political Science is not concerned only with the study of the state and government, rather it is also concerned with all types of political activities such as struggle for power, use of influence,authoritative allocation of values, power, authority etc.


In the ancient times, the word 'POLITICS' was used for Political Science. Word Politics is Derived from Greek word 'POLIS' which means CITY STATE, So. in the ancient times, the subject concerned with the study ot the City States was known as Politics. Because of this, the book written by ARISTOTLE, who is also known as the FATHER OF POLITICAL SCIENCE concerning the administration of the City States. which is also known as the BIBLE OF POLITICAL SCIENCE, was named 'Politics'. But with the passage of time, the age of City States came to an end and the present day Nation States came into existence and the subject dealing with the study of nation states was named POLITICAL SCIENCE. With the increase of the area and functions ot the Nation States, the scope of the study of Political Science has also increased considerably. As a result of which the modern Political Scientists have also widened the scope ot the subject of Political Science. According to them, every activity which is of political nature, whether local. national or international. formal or inforrnal can be included in the scope of Political Science. as a result of which the subject matter of it has become as Wide as this universe.


Most of the thinkers do not make any difference between Political Sctence and Politics and use both these words interchangeably. But there are some basic differences between these two. The Political Science is concerned with the theories and principles of the states, government and the mutual relations between the state and the individual etc. Whereas Politics is concerned with actual political activities as these take place.

FOR EXAMPLE, there can be uniformity among the political principles or theories as propounded by various political thinkers whereas the politics of each region, state and even of each individual can be different. According to the famous thinker AIan R. Ball, "Politics is an activity concerned With conflict, compromise, decision making, power and authorityā€¯, and there is a close relationship between Political Science and Politics and both influence each other.