Determinants - Personality Notes, Study Material and Question Papers




(A) HEREDITY :- Heredity is one of the most important factor which affects personality of an individual . in our daily life we use the term "like father like mother son" "like mother like daughter" we use these term generally refers to the traits which is inherit from ancestors like - skin colour ,hair colour , height and so on. here the importance of heredity is varies from person to person.

(B) BRAIN :- Brain is the most important factor affecting personality of an individual. it play an important role to determine personality (ESB) electrical stimulation of the brain and split brain psychology play an important results indicate better understanding of the behaviour and personality from the closer study.

(C) BIOFEEDBACK :- biofeedback is mind body technique which helps and to tech and recognize the symptoms and signs of the body like - increasing heartbeat , tension and stress.

(D) PHYSICAL FEATURES :- physical features is an important factor which affects the personality of an individual. it mostly includes external appearance like :- height , weight , colour , black or white . it also helps in making the personality of an individual more confident. most of the working of the individual is affected by the physical features.


(A) CULTURE :- culture is the most important factor which affects the personality of an individual. while growing child learn the way which is expected by the family and culture in which he exists. it is not important the two persons resident of same culture have same personality and behaviour.

LIKE - two person belong to the same attitude and personality because in the same culture.

workers are not influenced by the same culture as manager are . a person which is more skilled have different attitudes and personality that the unskilled person. different persons belongs to the different culture have different attitude towards competition and co-operation.

(B) FAMILY - Family is the most important factors which influence the personality of an individual. the nature of such affects is depend upon - 

  • economic level of the family.
  • race
  • size of the family
  • birth order
  • geographical location
  • educational level of the parents

(C) SOCIAL - a person or individual is a social animal. he is a part of the social group. he is influenced by the social forces which seek or satisfaction of needs which are related to maintenance of social relationship . a child is born socialism is starts from him from his mother. then he is introduced with the other members of the family and different group like schools, friend group at all. a person which is more socialize having different attitude and personality than the other person which is not more socialise.

(D) GEOGRAPHICAL ENVIRONMENT - It refers to climatic influence of a place

Example : the personality of persons residing in hills and plain areas are quite different as they belong to different geographical area

(E) SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT - Children spend lot of time in the’s natural that the environment of their school influences their personality.

It includes standard of teaching,entertainment facilities,cultural activities,facility of sports and library.

EXMAPLE : smart classes…


(A) MENTAL DEVELOPMENT :- It includes learning capacity,capacity to acquire knowledge. A person who has better Mental development possesses a personality of high order.

(B) ATTITUDE Personality is influenced by his attitude towards things,objects,ideas or persons.A person with a positive attitude takes interest in good activities.

(C) WILL POWER :- Strong will power enables a person to put more efforts in the work,to make quick decisions,to solve problems or difficulty and to achieve the goal. A person with strong will power has the capacity to achieve everything.

(D) MOTIVATION :- If a person is motivated,he will have his eyes on achieving targets.This is an indication of good personality.

(E) LEVEL OF ASPIRATION AND ACHIEVEMENT :- Success of a person in a particular field-academic,financial or social depends upon the level of his aspiration and achievements. A person who aspires to achieve his success above that which he has achieved to date will be satisfied only when his achievements come up to the goals he set.

(F) LIFE EXPERIENCES :- Each person’s life is unique in terms of specific events and experiences which can serve as determinat of personality.


it is last environmental factors which affect the personality of an individual. it generally says that the 'life is full of experiences ' . some experiences are good or best but the other or not good which affects personality of the individual. Personality of a person may change with change in situation.

EXAMPLE : a person’s behaviour will be totally different when he is in office in front of his boss as compared to hang out with his friends……